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Nicole is a High-Performance Coach and Chief Operating Officer of the international coaching company, Elevated Worldwide.  She trains and empowers entrepreneurs 
and business leaders to use the power of the mind to achieve real improvement and permanent results.


After a personal episode of Multiple Sclerosis in 2003 paralyzed one side of her body, she made the decision to transform her results and live a healthy, vibrant life!  She began an in-depth study of lifestyle and mindset to manage her personal symptoms.  She fully recovered within 2 months and has effectively managed her MS naturally since 2003.


Nicole has always had a passion to coach others to improve their results. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada with an Honours Bachelor of Business degree. Nicole worked for 10 years at a large Canadian corporation in strategy, merchandising and business consulting, demonstrating an ability to deliver exceptional results and lead effective teams.


With a desire to help others improve their lives and a strong business background, Nicole opened a health food franchise, which she operated for 3 years.  Her experiences led her to study under one of the best teachers in the world on personal development and success, Bob Proctor.

Nicole is now a Certified Life and Business Strategist, Coach, and Speaker, coaching individuals and businesses on how to use the power of the mind to achieve real change and permanent results.


She has partnered with and trains alongside Tony Child, founder, and CEO of Elevated Worldwide.  Tony has been studying Positive Psychology for a decade with John Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Paul Scheele and a number of other experts in the field of personal growth and development.  He has leveraged in-depth science and research to create world-class programs designed to transform all areas of life and business!


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